I’m skeptical of remix albums. Mainly because different artists take the original song and modify it to a different style. Sometimes the remix sounds too similar to the original song and it loses some of it’s original addictiveness. Collaboration Remixes is a twelve track album featuring remixes from Newton‘s Collaboration EP.

newton collaboration remixes

With remixes from Shawn, Polydive, and many others, these remixes take the original song and make it into something new. It’s still possible to recognize the core elements of the song, but each remix really re-imagines each one into something different.

If you heard Collaboration, then the songs are familiar. “Collaboration,” “Faster, Better, Stronger,” and “Heal the World” are the songs that the remixes are based off of. Since I’m not too knowledgeable about electro-pop dance music, I can’t hear all the subtle changes that the remixes contain. But I can tell that the songs sound the same and different at the same time.

Newton’s Collaboration is a great single with three impressive songs. Collaboration Remix is a perfect companion to the original because you get another perspective on these specific songs. It’s difficult to say which song is the strongest on the album because each remix presents each song in a different way. Owning both albums is highly recommended because they speak to each other very well.

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