I usually pass on one song singles from bands because I don’t think there’s a point to pick apart one song. Love X Stereo‘s “Bu-kkeu-reo-wo-yo” is a change from their previous songs because it’s less about presenting a straight Love X Stereo song and creating a collaboration that’s much more ambient and electro-pop.

love x stereo

Still, even with the lack of Annie Ko‘s recognizable vocals except for a few lines, the song is easily understood as a Love X Stereo track with their collaboration with The Jack. The main song is from the band and runs a little over three minutes.

The second track is a remix from J-Path, one of the collaborators. It immediately begins differently from Love X Stereo’s version with a down tempo introduction. The Bu-kkeu-reo-wo-yo remix is almost entirely different from the original even though it takes samples of Annie’s voice. The difference between the two songs is pretty stark.

But even though the two songs are different, the arrangements of each track is still great. Love X Stereo continue to make excellent music and hopefully there will be more music soon.

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