Kwon Milk is also a member of No. 1 Korean, a seminal ska band. His first solo album, The Greatest Voyage is different from the music his other band creates, but the album is an interesting window into other music he wants to create.

kwon milk the greatest voyage

The Greatest Voyage is a collection of songs from different genres. “오 그대여” is a good example of a simple, but upbeat melodic acoustic pop song. It doesn’t consist of a lot of layers, but focuses on melodies from the guitar and Kwon’s voice. His voice is rough and has a Tom Waits style of being melodic and off-key at different moments. It fits every song on the album though and it’s easy to get drawn into the emotion that he produces.

His style on The Greatest Voyage is more of a troubadour. The eleven songs are excellent. “나팔수의 사랑이야기” is a great alt-country style song that I wouldn’t expect from South Korea, but he makes it successful. Having only a small knowledge of No 1 Korean, I’m not sure how far in style this album is from the band. But a standalone album, it a welcome surprise.

Released in 2010, it’s curious how his solo work might have changed over the years. But as a single full-length, The Greatest Voyage is a great album to hear.

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