I’d seen GRAYE though some show posters on Facebook, but never heard the music until the EP was released on bandcamp. MON is an electronica album featuring tracks with slow tempos and rhythms focusing on grooves from beat to beat. With seven songs, two of which are remixes, the album is another great addition to Korean electronica and synth.

graye mon

The four main tracks all feature the “MON” tag. The introduction “D’MON” is mainly straightforward, but the movement from beat to beat uses carefully placed eighth notes to give the song its groove. “E’MON” sounds like a 8-bit video game soundtrack though the main melody. It’s a short song at 1:45 and has more of an introductory tone to it. It does get more complex midway through, but it would have been nice to hear a more expanded arrangement.

All of the “MON” songs have overlapping theme and they can all work as one continuous song. “GUMGANG RIVER (Feat. fuckushi oyo)” takes one step away from the “MON” tracks with the addition of the vocals. It’s a downbeat song and very ambient. It flows really smooth and works well as a background track.

YUKARI makes an appearance with a remix of “C’MON” and features the core of the original and additions of her style. It’s interesting to hear how her style overlaid and remixed with the original song makes it different. From her EP, Echo, it’s possible to hear elements that are her signature. “A’MON” is remixed by Damirat and also has a different flair for the song. Since I’m not familiar with Damirat’s style, it does sound more experimental than GRAYE, but it could be because it’s using the core track as the base.

MON is an different electronica album. It’s more ambient and groove-focused without relying on fast tempos. It’s still an interesting EP to listen to and if you’re exploring the genre, then it’s worth the listen.

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