I’ve been to Seoul a few times now and I catch up with Yellow Monsters whenever I’m there. Going to shows and hanging out with different bands it great, but Yellow Monsters are special because they’ve always made it a point to take time during their schedules to meet up.

During November 2012, I attended Monster’s Rock Show Volume 3 and was introduced to Japanese rock band locofrank. In April 2013, I visited again and saw Yellow Monsters 3rd Anniversary Show.

I recorded a lot of footage during that time and uploaded the live footage to koreanindie’s YouTube page along with many other shows that I was able to record.

The band asked me to make a music video based off the footage I had for a single from Red Flag and I was happy to try and capture the tone and feeling of the music, work, and fun the band had during live shows, recording the new album, and unwinding after a performance.

Here it is.

썩은 막걸리 [Party MV]

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