This song is recommended for those who feel as though their lives are at hold even though you can see your goals just at the tip of their fingers or, for those who are  venturing for a song to rest their minds on when things are spiraling downwards.


Following their first ever album, Papercut Project‘s recently released single, “제자리 걸음” (Walking in Place), captures the strengths of each member by placing each sound on equal playing field. With this song, you can hear clearly of each strummed note of the guitar and the soft-but-hitting beats all whipped together with strong yet whisper-like vocals. captures the mellow atmosphere of this particular indie band with strong accented guitar instrumentals and soft drumming.

Inspired by one of Korea’s most renown musical producers, Yoon Jong Shin, this song is perfect for that cold night-in while you sip on your cup o’ joe, curled up in bed although the vocals might be just strong enough that you probably wouldn’t be able to read a book.

“제자리 걸음” is the pioneer song for a 8-month long project titled 1892014 Project, where the band will be releasing one digital single each month starting from January to August. And to mark the end of the project, Papercut Project will be holding a mini concert in a cafe in Itaewon as well as releasing the full album all in September.  The project is uniquely set in that each song, although totally unrelated, if put together all the songs will be holding one particular theme.

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