I found out about 동백락원 컴필레이션 through feverdogsLee JunSoo who had mentioned that the band would have a new single on this compilation album. Containing ten songs from different bands from Busan like Pandaz, All I Have, and 개차반; the Busan City Compilation is an excellent sampler of another city in South Korea.

busan city compilation album

There are a lot of bands that I don’t really know and this is a great way to sample the music. Songs like “Wake Up” from Pandaz showcase a blues-esque rock sound while feverdogs’ contribution with “빠삐용” presents a different sound from the band. Their full-length continue to be one of my favorite records and the song shows a definite progression. There are a lot of different styles presented on the album like Stoned‘s punk song “Knocking on Hell’s Door.”

It’s not easy to find a lot of music strictly from Busan and this is one of the best ways to hear the range. 카우칩스 (Cowchips) play a style of blues rock mixed with 50s pop rock. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s really fun to hear. Hardcore makes its presence known also through Maxixive‘s “Hope is in the Sun” and All I Have’s “Defiance.” Overall it contains a perfect mix of genres.

I don’t know much about Busan’s music scene other than a small number of bands, but it sounds like Busan’s music scene is strong and thriving with a lot of bands playing a lot of different styles. If you’re looking to explore what other cities have to offer the Busan City Compilation is the perfect place to start.