Composed of two delightful girls, Choi In Young and Wang Se Yoon, Sweden Laundry released The Times We Had in 2010 meeting the original intent of the band in their attempt to “cleanse” the restless minds of the listeners. Se Yoon once said during an interview that she wished that their listeners would be able to release their days’ stress and calm their restless minds as they are listening to Sweden Laundry’s songs.


What is particularly unique about “우리가 있던 시간” is the mild-to-heavy use of auto-tune right in the smack-middle of the song. The song starts out just like any other Sweden Laundry’s releases with Choi In Young’s soft and pure falsetto accompanied by Wang Se Yoon on the piano.

But towards the hook, the auto-tune kicks in and the song takes a plunge into a whole new new level of longing. To an extent, the auto-tune seemed to overshadow what might have been a beautiful and spotless falsetto. But if the intent was to mimic the sound of a desperate cry/howl, I think it was a fairly good interpretation.

What’s really great about Sweden Laundry’s melodies, and especially with this track, is its ability to become a shoulder to lean on whenever and wherever you might need it. With In Young’s narrating vocals combined with Se Yoon’s soft and melodic renditions, creates a balanced and fully engaging song for listeners to enjoy.

Since their debut in 2010, Sweden Laundry has been steadily gaining followers with their soothing and romantic sound. They have been featured in various indie markets such as DigitalRecord’s outdoor performance segment, Off The Record, recognized for their vocals which was chosen as best suited for the season of cherry blossoms.

Both Choi In Young and Wang Se Yoon are just in their early 20s and they have many good years ahead of them for us to look forward to their future releases.

Interesting Fact: Why Sweden Laundry? The girls explained that “세탁소” (which can be translated as “laundromat”) is a place where you clean your dirty laundry and just as laundromats clean, they wanted to help cleanse the hearts of their listeners. They also chose the country Sweden because it is a country where no matter what work they were doing, they wouldn’t feel tired (at least that’s what they romanticized it to be).

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