Among the various genres of Korean music, I do enjoy the simplistic vocal and guitar combination a lot. eeeho is another musician that joins this group. Her EP I’m Still Walking to You starts very mellow with “하지 (Summer Solstice)” featuring her voice and guitar. It’s a great song that feels like you’re sitting outside listening to her play.

eeeho I'm still walking to you

Her voice is warm and welcoming as it follows the tempo of the song. The guitar acts as a buffer, giving the song substance, but her vocals are what guide the song. “우리 만난 적 있지 않아요? (Live Ver.)” showcases her voice. Sometimes with recorded and mixed songs, a vocalist can sound a bit too processed. With this live version, it’s easy to hear that eeeho’s voice is natural and polished. She definitely doesn’t need processing on her voice.

“세이렌 (Siren)” is a expanded song that features additional guitar and piano. These extra instruments help give the song a broader feel. It sounds a lot warmer with the different instruments forming a better structure. It’s my favorite song on the EP. What I enjoy most is that “세이렌 (Siren)” still sounds like eeeho is leading the tempo of the song.

I’m Still Walking to You is a short EP with five songs, but it does capture all the aspects of her voice and ability to create good songs. I can hear that her songs would work with just vocals and guitar, but the songs with accompaniment work just as well. I’m not sure if there’s more music waiting to be recorded, but I would definitely like to hear more of eeeho.

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