Odaeri is a two disc release from Helicopter Records. From the first song, “Evil Combat Territory,” Gookpoong’13 is weird. It comes off as abrasive at first. The song doesn’t have a naturally obvious song structure and has a lot of harsh tones. In that way, the experimental and electronic style will either interest you or sound like a collection of bizarre samples. But that’s the interesting thing about Odaeri, the experimental nature of song structure is what makes you want to keep listening.

odaeri Gookpoong 13

It’s impossible to describe the music other than there’s a baseline tempo. On top of that, Odaeri stacks other samples, whether they are short guitar riffs or actual samples from what I’m guessing are from different television shows. But somehow among what sounds like a haphazard combination results in an organic song. I don’t know if I would consider Odaeri to be a “cut-and-paste” style musician and since I’m not even sure how songs are composed, I can’t say for certain I’m accurately describing the process. The main feature of the music is that it’s very different.

But that difference is what makes listening to Gookpoong’13 so addictive. You wonder what kind of samples are going to be used in each song and what the result will be. Since the songs move in a lot of different directions on each verse, you’re left guessing. One main point about Odaeri’s album is that you have to give it your full attention. There’s no way to listen to this in the background and understand anything.

Odaeri is a polarizing release. Fans of strange, experimental music will enjoy the album. If you’re expecting a melodic and easy-to-access album, then you will be mistaken on the first song. Even though Odaeri’s style isn’t something I listen in any regular style, I can appreciate the construction of each song. It showcases another avenue for electronic music that I wasn’t aware of before.

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