Since the first single from LudiSTELO and the various live videos that I’ve seen before, I’ve been waiting for the full-length by the band. I had a feeling that the three singles would be combined into the full-length, Experience, with more songs and that is the result. Experience is exactly the album that I wanted from LudiSTELO and the three singles combined create one of best albums so far in 2014.

ludistelo experience

If you missed Play the Earth, Delight, or Water Roof, then listening to Experience is the proper way to hear these songs. The song order mixes the singles together and adds songs like “Summer Hill” and “Before Sunrise.” It’s surprising how more cohesive Experience sounds with these two new songs. While each single had its own theme, the new order of tracks really has a specfic flow from beginning to end.

Nothing has changed from the singles in terms of how good the songs are. The arrangements, recording, and mixing are perfect. Each instrument has its presence on each song. The electronic samples from Sangjin, guitar from Ash, and impressive drumming by Juyeon are the perfect combination. The vocals from Sangjin and Ash give different impressions depending on the song they’re singing on, adding to the variety.

The core of LudiSTELO is electronic rock, but the difference in song structure and types keeps the album fresh even on repeat listens. That’s one of the strengths of Experience, it hasn’t gotten old yet and I’ve been playing it on repeat for a few days.

If you have been waiting for LudiSTELO’s full-length in hopes that it would be great, then you won’t be disappointed. While I’m not surprised on how good the album is, I never expected that a new song order and two new songs could create one of my favorite albums of 2014.

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