It’s been a little over a year since Oh Hee Jung released Everybody here wants you back. I was impatiently waiting for news that there would be new music when Hee Jung emailed me that she had recorded a second EP. Titled Set Adrift, this second EP is a continuation of her first EP in style but shows growth as an artist who uses electronic and synth to compose her music.


The introduction song, “Moon Village,” is a great teaser that reintroduces her music. A instrumental track that only lasts a little less than 1:30, it prepares you for the rest of the EP. “Rain goes up to the sky” is the first main track and has a brighter and upbeat tempo compared to the songs from her previous release. It moves quickly through the drum beats that keep pulsing while the different melodies interact with each other. Her voice is still strong and excellent, effortlessly moving between beats and verses.

“Hedgehog” is a callback to Everybody here wants you back. If you hadn’t listened to the first EP recently, then the song sounds like it fits in perfectly. It has a layered melody that still allows Hee Jung’s voice to be a main point. “I want you” is a simpler, acoustic guitar themed song. There are still synth elements adding extra effects, but the main instruments are the guitar and her voice. It’s a great song that splits the flow of the songs so you can appreciate each song.

My favorite song is “my body and soul.” The introduction to the song starts with a deep bass rhythm, then light keyboard chords break the weight until the first verse. It’s not too different from Hee Jung’s other songs, but there’s a different feeling to the song. When I first heard it, I knew that this was one of the strongest songs.

My other preferred song is “break.” The instrumentals are continually moving synth notes while Hee Jung’s voice resonates against it. It’s arranged so well that multiple plays will show the different layers of music. “Who made you” and “drifting” close the album with two strong songs that sound the most like the transition between Everybody here wants you back and Set Adrift.

The wait between the first and second EP has been worth the wait. Hee Jung has definitely composed more complex songs that have a lot more depth. While Everybody here wants you back was her first try into electronic music, Set Adrift showcases what she’s learned since then.

It’s an EP that you can play over and over without it getting stale and makes you wonder what else she hasn’t recorded yet.

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