Amado LeeJaram Band begin their sophomore album with a delicate, lifting acoustic melody. It’s a perfect opener, just short enough to tease the listener and draw them in – and made even shorter by splitting it into two parts, the beginning in English followed by a short pause and the rest in Korean. It’s both melodically and lyrically daydreamy and made even more so by splitting it in half.

아마도이자람밴드 armado leejaram band

What’s most exciting about this band though is how that was just the primer, not a synopsis of what to expect – the subsequent and title track brings in a looser sound with bass and a guitar solo that would not be out of place in a garage rock band. Even the vocals take on a more raw quality.

Throughout the 25 minute length, the band never stops in one place, continuing to stretch their sound. From acoustic to rock to some country twang on tracks like “나의 가난은” and “달빛,” there’s a willingness to experiment and a sense of “restrained unhingedness” that reminds me of MukimukuManmansu (it’s the strongest on the slightly deranged fourth track, “피리”).

Naturally, the closing track is one that nicely caps off the album. It’s more conventional like the opener, but it has a finality to it. I like how the singer shows off her strengths without really showing off. It ends on a positive note that brings the album full circle.

The band has a lot of that energy translates into a collection of great, upbeat and interesting tunes that are fun to listen to because of how they combine both traditional and non-traditional pop music elements. This album is definitely a pleasure for anyone interested in music that incorporates some interesting sounds on top of a strong foundation.

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