When it comes to CoreMagaZinE, they’re a band that needs to have a lot more released music. I enjoyed Peep and the Peep re-release, but the band seemed to go into hibernation after the re-release. I noticed the band crowdfunding a full-length and Rude Banquet is the result of that.

coremagazine rude banquet

While the core sound of CoreMagaZinE is still synth rock, the band has really matured since the last official release. The album has all the elements that I’ve been looking for. It has a bigger soundscape with each note and beat containing more power than before. The eleven songs finally capture what I’ve been wanting from the band. “Shiva” is a perfect introduction because it combines the best elements. It’s a bit darker and moody while still featuring a strong melody with guitars and synth.

But then get to “달리” and you hear CoreMagaZinE’s more recognizable style. It’s high energy and highly melodic with the vocals pushing songs forward. None of the songs on previous releases are on the album, which is perfect because the sound of Rude Banquet doesn’t really match earlier songs. Just listen to “Fountain” and compare that to older songs and they only sound faintly similar. The growth of CoreMagaZinE on the album is perfect and I am finally able to appreciate how good the band has become. I saw them live once during the Peep days, but now I want to see the band playing this album.

If you like synth rock, CoreMagaZinE is the perfect band. The older releases were good, but Rude Banquet is the way people should listen to. The album goes by quickly, but the songs are addictive and the album has been on repeat since its release.

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