With two years between The Electric Eels최고의 연애 and 너의 의미, it’s been a while since the band has released new music. They did re-release their full length, but this EP is the first time they’ve had new music since then. This EP starts a little slower, but that actually works in favor of this re-introduction to the band.

the electric eels 너의 의미

“술래잡기” is a slower song that showcases the band’s really signature style of indie rock that familiar through the melodies, but also the vocals. As the EP continues, you can really get a sense that the band has matured as musicians. There’s less of a focus on tempo and more about creating memorable songs. “꿀벌” is perfect for that. The vocals are one of the easy ways to know that you’re listening to The Electric Eels.

The six songs on 너의 의미 are excellent. The music is easy to get into and the recording of the songs is perfect to capture the essence of the band. I do enjoy the full length a lot, but this return from The Electric Eels is perfect. They definitely are a band that you can listen to on repeat. While some people may thing the band has a repetitive style, there’s a pureness to the music. It may be because the music doesn’t use a lot of distortion and lets the guitars play cleanly for the most part.

If 너의 의미 is the first time you’ve heard of The Electric Eels, you will enjoy the music. But it’s recommended that you listen to the previous EPs and full length to really see how much the band has grown since they started. They sound like an indie college band that is playing because they enjoy it and that feeling is passed on through the music.

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