Generally I don’t like to review single songs. In most cases, it gives a very short introduction to a musician without anything else to compare the style to. But in the case of Little Miss Sunshine‘s “Be Yourself!” it’s a song that’s been stuck in my head constantly.

little miss sunshine be yourself

I originally discovered “Be Yourself!” through Indie To Go, who creates excellent videos for a lot of bands. The song is a perfect upbeat song for the summer. The song uses an instrumental that’s a combination of live instruments like a supporting bass line along with synth and a simple drum loop. The backing track has a strong melodic push through the keyboard and guitar that create alternating melodies. The song is glued together through the vocals though. The vocals are really pleasant and don’t really strain much, but they fit the style of the song perfectly.

“Be Yourself!” is crafted to get into your head. The arrangement of the song is simple, but adds all the best hooks. After playing the song a couple of times, the main melody is easily repeated. As a first showing of Little Miss Sunshine, it doesn’t explain much of what else can be expected, but it’s a good first step.

Considering there’s not much known about Little Miss Sunshine, who knows what direction the group may go into. It would be great for Little Miss Sunshine to release an EP to show off more songs. As a standalone song, “Be Yourself!” shows a lot of potential that will hopefully be captured.

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