It’s hard not to compare Met to the likes of Radiohead or the multitude of Korean indie bands inspired by them. Not only can you feel this particular sound in the – often falsetto – melodramatic vocals but even in the melodies. It is a style that I have come slightly to resent because of how poorly employed it usually is, but Met has a completely different energy and feel to them that makes Met I such a pleasure to listen to.

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Met introduce themselves to the listener in the form of a mid-tempo chugger and the lethargic single “Feel You,” both of which are phenomenal tracks but if you are worried that the entire album is this sleepy, then put your worries aside, because the band changes it up quite a bit before the end of the album. “낡은 치마” is perhaps the most “Radiohead” of the songs on the album, sounding like something straight off The Bends.

The singer is able to show off one of the biggest assets of his interesting vocal style from the get-go here, employing some wordless scat singing during the bridge and crooning in wonderful falsetto. “Feel You” though is far more interesting in its vocal delivery, hopping between the lower and higher registers like it was nothing.

“Grave” takes them into new territory though, and this is where the band really begins to stand out. This style of music lends itself to a lot of self-seriousness that can be draining, but Met do not have that at all. They incorporate some blues stylings into the music, and it’s a boon, setting them apart from other groups that play this genre of music. “고양이” continues the fun with a lot of finger-snapping and a ripping bluesy solo. It’s nothing short of a good time.

Met seems like they would be a lot of fun to see live, because even on their album they have a presence to them. They balance the seriousness and the fun well enough to keep the album fresh all the way to the end. They’ve packed their first album with enough riffs to occupy the listener for a while. Even when you think it’s over, there comes a little surprise in the form of a secret track in the last couple of minutes that acts as a fitting closer for an album any fan of brit or bluesy rock should get.

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