After I heard Guten Birds‘s Gullible, I wondered how long it would be until the band would make more music. Now a three piece all female band, Guten Birds return with Reticent X, a three song single that shows an evolution from their previous release into something that’s even stronger and more aggressive.

guten birds reticent x

The single contains three songs, all instrumental, but presents a medium tempo reintroduction. “Somewhere Anywhere” is a song that highlights each instrument. The best part of the song is that while the guitar pushes the melody, the bass and drums make their presence known. The repeating bass lines are deep and add support for the overall melody which the drums really push the tempo with the different polyrhythms. It serves as the perfect start to show the talent.

“Throbbing Night” sounds like a post-rock song. The slower tempo allows more exploration and longer guitar solos, but this is the song where you can hear how connected each member is. No one is really following a lead, but cohesively collaborating on each beat. It’s my favorite song on the single. The recording of the single is excellent because each instrument is easily heard among each layer and there’s not one overpowering melody.

The final song is “Swimming With Dolphins” which has vocal lines, but not standard lyrics. The vocals lead the song, but the bass and drums maintain the rhythm of the song. The verses repeat throughout the song, but the arrangement doesn’t lead to any kind of boring repetition. The chorus lifts the melody a bit and it sounds like it could have been discovered while experimenting. It’s a song that will get stuck in your head very easily.

This single is impressive, even with only three songs. The current line-up have a very solid foundation that makes me want to hear more music. If you want to hear alternative and grunge rock, this is the band you should follow.

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