Tarin collaborates with former contestant on Superstar K season 4, Yoo Seung Woo, for a recently released track, “You and You,” a cheerful acoustic song for the chilly weather. For those who are not aware of Tarin, she is one of the talented vocalists of Vanilla Acoustic.


Tarin has sweet, but clear mature vocals that blends nicely with the acoustic guitar and piano instrumentals of the song. She also has a nice soothing falsetto that sets nicely in the background as Yoo Seung Woo croons his short improv.

“You and You,” although it narrates the lingering feelings for a special person who is no longer in their life, it has an optimistic tune to it which invokes sentimental and nostalgic feelings for the listeners. I would recommend this song for those who are suffering from post-breakup symptoms during this cuffing-season to help soothe their aching hearts.

What I really like about the “You and You” is that just as with many K-indie songs, the lyrics are honest and straight to the point making it impossible for me to not relate to them.

“The common couple stories that I hear on the radio, why do tears keep flowing from my eyes” (Tarin)

“I only loved you. I can’t stop thinking about you, what should I do. I just miss you. You just keep popping up in my head, what should I do.” (Yoo Seung Woo)

The track is short and sweet but it continues with the theme of that lingering emotions until the end. Towards the end of the song, the instrumentals come to an abrupt stop but the listeners will soon hear Yoo Seung Woo crooning wistfully complimented by a soft piano tune.

It seems as though many Kpop stars are looking to collaborate with Korean indie artists not only for a refreshing sound to spice up the charts, but I also think it is because indie artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve. And with this, I can see much more Kindie x Kpop collaborations to come in the future especially with the sweater-weather reaching its peak.

Check out the track below!

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