An illustrator, writer, and musician, Bomroya is quite the multi-talented woman. Her artistic spirit shines through in her debut album, The Burden of Sara. The album isn’t a challenging listen, but neither is it a boring one. It poetically ties several musical flavors together — hazy guitar, piano, sounds of nature, electronic drones – into a lulling musical world.

Bomroya the burden of sara

The album’s composition isn’t particularly interesting or complex; the piano and guitar writing is made up of simple rhythms and harmonies, making the album slow at times. But Bomroya compensates by being crafty with texture and color.

The Burden of Sara’s defining strength is its dramatic texture changes from section to section. Often times, dense and upbeat sections will cease abruptly and be replaced with slow and sparse moments, and vice versa. It’s as if Bomroya is playing dress-up with her musical ideas, trying them with thick electronics, then redressing them with hazy guitars or soft piano sounds.

Each texture change is a gentle burst of flavor for the listener. The music is detailed with evocative sound effects, such as the clicking of heels, breathing sounds, the scratching of a pencil, and more.

All of these things make listening to this album a three-dimensional experience. Bomroya definitely has a skill in creating atmospheres that are immersive, creative, and yet soft-spoken. With this album, she gives you thirty minutes to relax and imagine.

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