I was able to see TENGGER perform in Shinchon during my visit to South Korea earlier this year and was amazed at the way their music was created. itta continues to create her own music that is a bit different from TENGGER and her latest piece is 함창감음(咸昌感音 – HAMCHANG Sound Imagination).


She sent me a preview of the album and I’ve been listening to it consistently since I got it. She’s currently in Hamchang as an artist in residence and this is one of the results of her stay so far.

Marqido assisted in doing field recordings and having an interactive performance with elementary school students to produce the album. The album is incredible because it’s a mix of music and the live recordings which like in the song “Silk” use recorded sounds from a loom as ambient audio in the song.

There’s also recordings of what sounds like folk songs and general crowd noise that’s included on some tracks. When you consider the song titles like “Diary of the Five Day Market” and “Children Paint Scenery,” you get an idea of what ambient noise you might hear. But it’s the combination of the song and these recordings that make 함창감음(咸昌感音 – HAMCHANG Sound Imagination) so unique.

The album feels very organic and like an audio snapshot of this place where itta is staying and that makes it sound very special. I didn’t know what to expect from itta’s latest release, but there’s definitely something perfect about taking the field recordings and applying them to the song she composed.

함창감음(咸昌感音 – HAMCHANG Sound Imagination) is part of an exhibit on December 8th that includes children’s paintings on silk. Hopefully it will be available for people digitally.

Follow itta’s project on the HAMCHANG Sound Imagination Facebook page and on Twitter.

Album details:

field recording by Marqido & itta

lyrics and composed by itta

mixing & mastering by Marqido at Utopian Studio

photo & video by Marqido

produced by itta

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