I have a soft spot for Standing Egg. They were the first Korean indie band I ever came across and they had caught my attention right away. I really like their sound and you can not go wrong with listening to any song of theirs. When I am not in the best of moods, Standing Egg is my go-to band. They always turn a bad day into a good one and with the release of their album US, I feel like shouting out with glee to the world.

standing egg us

Standing Egg do not stray far from their sound, which I like. It is a sound that you can identify them to. Instruments like the violin, piano and drum can be heard a lot throughout this album.

“Kiss Me” is the perfect choice as their title song for US. When Egg2 Clover (the vocalist) sings, he emphasizes the words “Kiss Me” which makes this song stand out. It is a song I have on repeat and hum throughout the day. Near the middle of the song, you can hear Clover hit a soft high note that sends chills down your spine.

As you continue listening to the album, you may notice Yeseul‘s voice if you have listened to previous Standing Egg albums. She sang “있잖아 궁금해” on SHINE and “Stay Away” on LIKE. I really like when singers return to lend their voice to an album. It is like reconnecting with someone after a long time away from each other.

Their song “She Is Back” is the perfect road trip song. It makes me feel like I am driving down the road with the wind blowing in my face and makes me feel really happy. I can just see myself blasting this on the radio, singing along to the lyrics. Don’t you want to take a trip after listening to this song?

This album is jam-packed with ten wonderful songs. I highly recommend this album to everyone.

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