With a heavier tone than Today’s Radio’s usual folk style, 겨울이고 싶다 is a single perfectly fit for the winter season. Although just one song, the single delivers and satisfies through its emotional lyrics, simple instrumental, and a voice that so accurately delivers the deep message.

오늘의 라디오 겨울이고 싶다

Today’s Radio says the purpose of his music is to sing honest everyday songs that listeners can relate to, and this single tells the story of someone who’s longing for a past loved one, that longing growing bigger like snow piling in the winter. Although heartbreaking and painful, the individual actually wishes to stay in that cold winter, not wanting the piling snow to melt away and disappear from his/her memories.

Those whose first exposure to Today’s Radio is with this single may not get an accurate representation of his style. While a little different from his usual more upbeat indie folk style, “겨울이고 싶다” maintains the emotional element of Today’s Radio’s music. “겨울이고 싶다” is nothing fancy or innovative. It’s a simple and down-to-earth yet moving and relatable single with its lyrics and mood going along well with this winter season.

The main melody alone could have been something forgettable, but the lyrics, instrumental, and Today’s Radio’s singing turn this song into an emotional experience that captivates listeners. Even for those who do not have an experience relatable to that in this song’s lyrics, this single is bound to be captivating.

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