For any artist/band that has been performing for a while and has a signature style, each new release garners significantly contrasting responses. Having made their first release in 2005, Monni certainly has its loyal fans that will love each release. However, they also face the difficult task of capturing the attention of those who may be slowly losing interest. While She has many great characteristics and grows on you the more you listen, it may not be enough to bring back the listeners who have lost interest.

몽니 monni She

Being a winter release, the EP is overall comprised of ballads. However, this is not to say that the EP ventures far from Monni’s usual style—those who have been fans/listeners of Monni will find that the EP is overall very familiar.

Looking at this EP alone, there’s a lot of praise I could give. All of the songs in the EP carry so much emotional depth and lead singer Kim Shin Eui so accurately and beautifully relays these emotions to listeners with his singing. The title track, “하얀 어깨”, is written about Kim Shin Eui’s real-life breakup experience and is especially poignant. Despite first snow often being a happy, romantic experience, “하얀 어깨” sings of a breakup that happened during snowfall, and the snow piling up on the shoulders of the girl as it snowed. “She” and “P.S” are also tracks that have simple instrumentals, allowing emphasis of the emotions.

However, looking not just at this EP but also at where this EP is in the span of Monni’s entire career, it’s not too exciting of a release. The familiarity of this EP brings about mixed feelings. If this EP had been released nearer to the beginning of Monni’s career, I may have loved it. At this point in their career though, this EP is very been-there-done-that. I feel like we’ve all heard similar songs by Monni before, and even the songs within the EP aren’t too different from each other. While not necessarily a straight-out disappointing EP, Monni needs to solve the puzzle of how to not only satisfy loyal fans, but also to captivate the listeners who have lost interest.

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