Fans of Coffee Boy will find his most recent single, 나를 사랑하자, to be very familiar. However, rather than being repetitive or boring, “나를 사랑하자” brings out once again what Coffee Boy does best. With its simple instrumentals, warm sound, and uplifting message/lyrics, “나를 사랑하자” is the perfect example of the signature Coffee Boy sound that many have come to love.

커피소년 나를 사랑하자

Coffee is no doubt a talented vocalist and songwriter – having been to his concert before, I can attest that his live singing is even better & actually very powerful. However, the element that brings Coffee Boy songs to the next level is the lyrics/message. The adjective most used by listeners to describe Coffee Boy’s music is “힐링” (the transliteration of the word “healing”), a term used to describe how his songs bring a peace and comfort to listeners.

“나를 사랑하자” no doubt can be described as “healing,” with is encouraging lyrics about loving oneself no matter how lonely or a state of low-confidence one is in. It’s a simple, straightforward message but hits deep, and the lyrics, instrumentals, and Coffee Boy’s voice all come together to give you a sense of peace and comfort—like a pat on the back or an encouraging hug. While “나를 사랑하자” isn’t a song with exciting instrumentals or powerful vocals, Coffee Boy manages to, once again, awe listeners with his genuineness and warmth.

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