Dal See’s recent album, Silhouette of the Day, is a nice daydreamy album that comes and goes softly. There’s no dissonance, just spacious, unobtrusive music to fill your ears.

Silhouette Of The Day

The EP is spit half and half between compelling and not-so-compelling tracks. It opens strongly with “Get A Shine,” which creates an immersive atmosphere with minimal elements: a moody synth line, light percussive sounds, and Dal See’s whispers. It has just enough nuances to be interesting, but not too much so that it overwhelms. “Overnight” is musically very simple, but the production is polished and Dal See chooses just the right timbres to cast a stylish, dreamy atmosphere over the listener.

“Run Away” has the potential to be good, but the chorus is too anticlimactic to justify the repetitiveness of the verses. In this chorus, Dal See delivers a melody that’s pushing her range overtop overly straightforward harmonies and rhythms. As a result, the song fails to gain any real momentum. “Silhouette Of The Day” suffers from the same factors. It’s well produced, but the harmonies are too predictable for the song to every lift itself off the ground.

Dal See seems to have a clear musical vision, and I really enjoyed some of the atmospheres on this mini-album. It is a pleasant listen, and is perfect for when you need some music to get lost in for a while. But because of some bland writing, the album never delves below surface level.

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