It’s been a couple years since Electricity Flowing released Guilty Pleasure. I enjoyed the EP and it was nice to read that the duo have a new album. We Live By Night still contains the band’s fun electronic dance and disco sound, but the full length is definitely a maturation of the sound.

electricity flowing we live by night

Starting with “Empty Night,” the album uses light and quick tempo percussion samples that are arranged under multiple repeating melodies. 흐른‘s light vocals help with the tempo, keeping things moving as the album’s introduction. In terms of the more matured sound, “Flickering People” is the perfect example. It has a more serious tone, using recorded drums accompanied by the different synth samples. 흐른’s voice is perfect for the song, keeping it a bit more mysterious in the verse and then welcoming during the chorus. It’s really easy to get lost in We Live By Night as all the songs have different, but entrancing addictive sound.

With most electronic music, the use of samples is present on every song, but it’s great how Electricity Flowing make each song sound fresh with each beat. There is one repetitive point though and that it sounds like every song uses the same tempo. It could be because the single note melodies or beats don’t flow into one another creating breaks. It never takes away from any song, but it does become apparent in the introduction to most songs.

I’m not sure why there was the long gap between releases, but I’m glad that Electricity Flowing are still around. The eleven track album is a perfect pick me up because of the upbeat themes you hear in the music. You can’t go wrong with the album and it wouldn’t be surprising to use their music as dance music at parties.

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