I decided to review The Daisy after listening to her OST “어떡하죠” from the drama Cheongdamdong Scandal. She has featured in other drama OSTs as well, singing “죽을만큼 보고 싶다고” from the drama My Dear Cat and “흔한 이별에 유난스러워서” from the drama Love and Secret. Her most recent album is called 사랑하나봐요 with a total of five tracks, including an instrumental. The Daisy’s voice really hooks you from the first track.

the daisy

The first track “사랑하나봐요” shares the same name as the album. It is a simple ballad track yet encompasses The Daisy’s soft, alluring voice. What draws me to The Daisy is that her voice is similar to Davichi‘s Kang Min-Kyung and I am a huge fan of the duo.

The third track “사랑은 혼자한게 아닌데” is a heart-wrenching ballad. You don’t even need to understand the lyrics and tears will form in your eyes as your concentrate on The Daisy’s voice. She really puts a lot of emotion into her voice and I felt the need to comfort her through the sadness she expresses in the lyrics.

If ballads are your style or you’d like a new artist to add to your repertoire, The Daisy is an amazing choice. I usually listen to her while I’m studying, or if I’m about to fall asleep. This artist is extremely talented . Even though this album doesn’t have many tracks, it will help you relax for the short period of time it plays.

The Daisy on iTunes.

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