After two pre-release singles in 2014, The Stray finally released their anticipated first EP album on March 4th. This five member modern pop/rock band’s first EP, Fever, is undoubtedly lacking in some aspects but ultimately it is a fun and easy listen that will please listeners and have us waiting for what they have in store for the future.

The Stray Fever

Signed with one of the biggest indie music labels, Pastel Music (home to artists such as Casker, Epitone Project, Zitten, and Hee Young), The Stray already had a certain level of expectation for their EP. In addition, their two pre-release singles released last year, “Love is Coming” and “그대는 없는데”, were fun and unique tracks that heightened expectations. Maybe because of these expectations, however, I found myself not too impressed with the EP overall.

While Fever is in no means a bad album, the disappointment came from the fact that “Love is Coming” and “그대는 없는데” were, in my opinion, its strongest tracks. Because I had already thoroughly loved and enjoyed those two tracks last year, I had hoped to fall in love with the new tracks. “Sexy Dream,” the title track of the EP, and “Love This Way” are tracks that have grown on me, but the rest of tracks, truthfully, failed to make a significant impression.

Moving on from this initial disappointment, however, and reminding myself that this is the band’s official debut release, Fever is still an album that I recommend giving a listen to. I was captivated by The Stray’s fun and unique sound when I had first listened to “Love is Coming”, and if a first-time listener to The Stray, I’m sure Fever will have tracks that captivate you.

The two words I think of when I think of the Stray are “groove” and “fun.” The Stray’s songs are characterized by a feel-good groove that will get you on your feet. While Fever did not impress me, the band’s sound and groove is what demonstrates the big potential they have.

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