Coffee Boy has built up his own style of simple, heartwarming, and uplifting music, and this album certainly doesn’t deter away from this style. The third full-length album by Coffee Boy, 힘내 is like a pat on the back or a shoulder to lean on for those worn out by life, whether it be work or school or love. While the album may not live up to some of his previous releases, 힘내 is still a lovely album that will surely capture the interest of listeners.

커피소년 힘내

Coffee Boy created this album so that it could be a source of energy for those worn out by life. Therefore, each song on the album is very simple in instrumentals or melody but has relatable lyrics and uplifting messages. The album opens up with “아침에 비타민” (roughly translates to Morning Vitamin), a song that Coffee Boy wrote with the thought that those listening to the radio in the morning would, if hearing this song, receive energy much like taking vitamins in the morning. “파이팅 사랑도 삶도,” one of the title tracks of the album along with “힘내,” is a slower song that is dubbed somewhat a part 2 of one of Coffee Boy’s most famous songs, “내가 네 편이 되어줄게.”

My personal favorite on this album is “행복의 주문”, a song that fans of Coffee Boy may know already as it was used as the signal song for Yoo Inna’s Raise the Volume, a radio show Coffee Boy was part of. The song’s repetition of the phrase“행복해져라” is meant to be, like the title of the song, a spell of sorts—if you keep telling yourself to be happy, you will be.

Overall, the only negative criticism I can give to and have heard about this album is that it lacks the level of emotional depth in many of Coffee Boy’s previous releases. Although this is true, and that this album is surely not my favorite of Coffee Boy’s releases, I believe the purpose and theme of this album make it suitable for the brighter tone. This album has been a great listen, and I know I’ll be turning to this on the days I need a warm pat on the back or a spurt of energy.

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