I haven’t heard anything from Ravie Nuage since 겨울노래. I thought that the band was a solo act, but then found out that it’s a band. The 2013 EP was a nice low key album and I was curious to hear what the band would have for a new album. 청춘 starts off with a slow melodic song “바람부는 날” and doesn’t really stray far from that style. The band features a full accompaniment of guitar, bass, and drums, but it’s the addition of keyboards that really seems to give Ravie Nuage their distinct sound.

ravie nuage

청춘 doesn’t exactly hit melodic rock or indie pop rock genres fully, but skirt around the outside. It has a lot of ballad refinements, especially with the vocals. 뽐므‘s vocals are very soothing and melodic. They never seem forced or hurried, but on most songs it doesn’t sound like there’s a big range. “이 밤이 지나면 Part. 2” sounds like an OST song and is the quickest to get into. Overall, 청춘 does have a melancholy feel to each song.

By the end of the album, it feels like you’ve been on a long journey. “비와 그대와 상실과” isn’t the last song, but feels like the completion to the theme of 청춘. Ravie Nuage’s strength is composing melodic songs. The album can feel a little long because the songs follow the same general tempo and the last few songs feel like an extended coda. There’s a lot to like about Ravie Nuage, but 청춘 isn’t an album that fits every single mood.

It’s great that the band is still making music. They definitely have the talent to find their audience and the music is perfect mood music. It was two years between their EP and 청춘 so hopefully they’ll be able to make their presence known more.

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