When I feel like I need a “pick-me-up” sort of song, I always turn to Lucite Tokki to help. The duo’s songs are upbeat, catchy, and makes you feel good. Love Letters is an EP which consists of two tracks. They are very different from one another, which fits the love theme of the EP very well. Love can be described in many, many ways.

lucite tokki love letters

The first track is called “Wallflower.” I am not sure how I would describe the song because it is a bit different from their usual sound, but I would say it is somewhat electronic rock. It doesn’t come off strong, but it definitely hooks you in at the start. It is a perfect addition to the EP. The lyrics are a bit repetitive in some parts, but that’s what makes the song what it is: absolutely flawless.

The second (and last) track of Love Letters is “내가 새라면.” This is slower, and softer than “Wallflower.” I find that the vocalist Cho Ye Jin is a beautiful singer. Her voice in this song really takes my breath away. As I listen to this song, I feel like I am running in a meadow like the Lucite Tokki members are doing in the album cover. I can’t forget to add how talented Kim Sun Young is playing instruments. The girls really support each other when playing and highlights the other’s talents. They are truly wonderful artists.

If you are ever relaxing outside, on a warm and sunny day, please take a listen to this EP. It really suits this time of year, when the sun is shining, and everyone is enjoying their summer days.

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