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When Galaxy Express released their self-titled full length in 2012, it was one of the best albums of the year. With three years between releases, Walking On Empty is the return of the band, at least in album form. But people expecting another tried-and-true Galaxy Express might be a little disappointed. Walking On Empty still contains the same signature Galaxy Express sound, but interestingly enough the band presents a more mature and evolved tone.

galaxy express walking on empty

“Let It Out” is the lead track and contains the recognized rock style from the band. But whether it be a different recording and mixing process, the music sounds a little restrained. I’m sure in a live setting, the music is over the top. The biggest change is “Time Keeps Rollin.” It’s an acoustic lead song that applies a slower tempo. To Galaxy Express fans, it’s like the band’s version of a ballad. Even though it’s different, it’s probably one of the strongest songs on Walking On Empty.

The next track, “Now I Know,” should become another standout single from the band along the same lines as “Jungle The Black.” While I was surprised on the audio result of Walking On Empty with my first opinion thinking that it sounded weaker than the self-titled full length, I found the overall simpler presentation preferable. It capture a pure sound and there’s less sound distortion to work through to get into the music. Walking On Empty is definitely a transformation, in a good way. You have to give the album a full listen. Quitting before you get to “Not Again” is a horrible mistake.

Even with the slower songs like “Alive,” Galaxy Express haven’t left the sound that makes them so great. “Running On Empty” reminded me a lot of Wild Days. In terms of releases, Walking On Empty shows how the time between albums effected the members and music. I like the more direct songs. As a three piece, the band is able to compose really great songs. You can’t discount the difference in sound from the album or the decision to possible record in a different way. If anything, Walking On Empty is the 2015 version of Galaxy Express and there’s still tons to enjoy.

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