Another fantastic release by Today’s Radio! Today’s Radio not only wrote and composed the two songs in this single, but he even played all of the instruments in the recording himself. Although only two songs, 난 네가 좋아 embodies so much, bringing so much more musical and emotional breadth than a single would usually bring, yet also leaving listeners begging for more.


I debated whether or not to wait another week before writing the review on this single, as my previous review had also been on a Today’s Radio release. However, this single truly exceeded my expectations (and I’m a big fan of Today’s Radio), and the more I listened to the two songs on the single, I knew I had to review it right away.

“기다릴게,” although not the title track, is the song that initially caught my attention. An emotional ballad, “기다릴게” holds so much emotional depth that my first time listening to it I just sat still, completely captivated and in awe. Of the two songs, this is also the one where Today’s Radio’s voice shines. It’s a song that really touches you emotionally, the instrumentals, vocal, and music all coming together to bring out the feelings of heartbreak and longing for a loved one.

On the contrary, “난 네가 좋아” is a bright and upbeat love song. If “기다릴게” is the song that will get you emotional & reflective, this is the song that you’ll listen in the mornings to brighten the mood and as a result, have stuck in your head all day. Although the two songs are such stark contrasts to each other, the single comes together with the common theme of love, and is further proof of Today’s Radio’s ability to create masterpieces of various genres.

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