After a series of single releases since 2013, singer-songwriter Nakta Choi releases his first mini album! 나빠나빠 is a lovely album that showcases all of Nakta Choi’s strengths. Whether you’re a Nakta Choi fan already familiar with the album’s songs through live performances or a first-time listener, 나빠나빠 is a charming album that will warm hearts, bring smiles, and get you searching the web for more 최낙타.

natka choi

Nakta Choi’s fanbase is largely female, and one listen to this album (as well as a look at a picture of him….yes, that is him in the album cover) will prove why. While Nakta Choi’s songs are love songs, they’re not the wrench-your-heart dramatic and deeply poetic songs on love and heartbreak. Rather, Nakta Choi sings of small, everyday things that happen when dating, his lyrics witty, often humorous, and even catchy.

For example, the album begins with “팔베개,” a cute and humorous song about a guy’s conflicting feelings as he doesn’t want to wake his girlfriend who’s sleeping soundly on his arm, yet his arm is starting to hurt and he wants to move. “나빠나빠,” one of the two title tracks of the album (along with “야쿠르트 아줌마”) is another witty and very catchy song, also a popular topic of debate among fans as it is about a guy who is defending himself to his girlfriend who’s suspicious of him (Nakta Choi has, hilariously, stated via Twitter that the lyrics are fiction and not a true story about him!). The album closes with “Scene #5,” a more emotional ballad that showcases Nakta Choi vocals and ability to pull off not just the bright songs, but also songs with more emotional depth.

Another of Nakta Choi’s big strengths is his guitar-playing talent. When you hear Nakta Choi live, you’ll be surprised at how full his music sounds even if it’s just him playing alone. While, yes, that’s also the help of technology, Nakta Choi is a great guitarist and his instrumentals truly complement and complete his witty lyrics and warm voice. In 나빠나빠, Nakta Choi adds other instruments and effects to the music, but only at a minimal level so as to create an “upgraded” sound of sorts compared to his live performances, yet still putting focus on the guitar.

나빠나빠 is such a heartwarming a lovely album that it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite song. The fact that this is only his first mini album is also exciting, as I’m eager to see how he’ll improve and mature as an artist, and what he’ll be bringing to us next. In the meantime, 나빠나빠 will be on repeat.

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