Galaxy Express does not disappoint. They are back with their latest album Walking on Empty. They co-founded a company, have performed overseas, and have created amazing music.. what can’t this incredible trio do? I am extremely happy to have had the pleasure to interview this band, and I hope our readers enjoy reading what they have to say.

If you’re in South Korea, the band is touring. You should check them out if you can.

November 6 Wonju @ Coda
November 7 Chuncheon @Sangsang Madang Live Hall Chuncheon
November 8 Gangneung @ Rush
November 13 Incheon @ Glastonbury
November 20 Jeonju @ Deep Into
November 21 Gwangju @Nevermind
November 22 Daejeon @Bookcafe Idee
November 27 Daegu @ Heavy
November 28 Busan @ Realize
November 29 Gyeongju @ Music Cafe

2015 Galaxy Express -- 1
This summer you released your album Walking on Empty. I am loving it! Does the album title reflect a specific theme, or was it just something agreed upon at random?

Heekwon: Thanks for the kind words about the album! The title was just chosen randomly.

While recording the songs, were there obstacles which were difficult to overcome?

Heekwon: We did things a bit differently for this album. Sometimes things were a bit challenging but we didn’t face anything that was difficult to overcome. In the past, we usually recorded things in one take. But for Walking on Empty we recorded all the different parts separately and did many different takes. It was a good experience and I learned many things while making the record.

Juhyun: For this album, we wrote the songs in a different way too. It was a bit tough to do but was fun.

Jonghyun: While recording, there was no time to meet women! That was definitely an obstacle that was difficult to deal with!

Producing music must be strenuous and stressful. What do you do to relieve the tension and relax?

Heekwon: Drink alcohol!

Juhyun: Yes, drink and try and get a lot of sleep.

When Walking on Empty was complete, what did you do to celebrate afterwards?

Jonghyun: We went out and drank a lot!

After releasing an album, are you ever nervous about what your fans will think of it?

Heekwon: I used to get nervous before releasing an album and really cared what people thought, but now I don’t. I’m much more relaxed now and have a lot more confidence in our music. I get nervous during interviews, though, and am always wondering what the next question will be.

Juhyun: I get nervous before releasing an album and wonder how people will react. I especially felt that way before Walking on Empty came out because this album is pretty different from our past efforts. But with this album we started streaming all the songs online 10 days before the album was released and it was fun to check out all the feedback people had.

To someone who doesn’t know about your music, how would you describe it?

Heekwon: If you haven’t heard Galaxy Express before, I think it’s better to just listen to us without any kind of description. Just check it out and see what you think.

Juhyun: We’re a Korean rock trio. Give us a listen and I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you hear.

Having done three North America tours, would you ever consider releasing an album here?

Juhyun: That’s something we’d love to do. Our albums can be downloaded all over the world through iTunes. But it would be awesome to one day have the opportunity to hook up with a label in
North America and properly release an album there.

Any final words to our readers?

Juhyun: Thanks so much for taking the time to read about Galaxy Express. I hope all of you are healthy and wish you lots of happiness!

Jonghyun: Keep on rocking!

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