Shirosky is a jazz hip-hop producer who has recently dropped her first full-length album, La Lecture. It’s refreshing to come across a jazz hip-hop album by a woman producer, as the genre is dominated by men.

shirosky la lecture

Shirosky is loyal to the jazz hip-hop genre; she works with plenty of samples, loops, guest artists, and warm soulful vibes. Although she’s not doing anything groundbreaking, Shirosky is strong at her craft and offers quite the satisfying listen.

La Lecture has plenty of shining moments. Included is “삑사리,” with MC Meta and DJ Schedule 1, with its nice and fat sound palette; a bass line down low, piano and trumpets in the middle, and shimmering strings up top. “I Need Your Love Right Now (feat. MINI)” has a particularly sick beat; sparse, with crisp, twitchy outbursts of percussive sounds and synths. “Empyrean” does a great job at bringing out MYK by using a quiet, murmuring loop of piano and percussion that makes his presence prominent. Shirosky takes over by herself in “The Seeker In The West” and “From Earth” and shows off her chops with flying colors.

While most of the songs on the album are engaging, a few songs fall in the rut of being too repetitive, such as “INTRO,” “Rain Boots,” and “Tie-Dye.” Shirosky always gives us glimpses of textural, rhythmic, and harmonic variation — she’s on the right track — but in some tracks, she needs to do more in order to really shake out the repetitiveness.

Overall, I’m impressed with Shirosky’s first album. She has producing chops and a confident, colorful sound world. This album came just in time for the cold weather; it’s a blanket of sound with no shortage of warm, dreamy vibes.

La lecture by Shirosky

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