What can I say about Earip? I find her to be an absolutely exquisite artist. Her song-writing skills along with her singing displays great finesse and I feel like my worries wash away when listening to her music. Earlier this month, Earip released her fifth album 망명 (Exile). I can honestly say that this album is my favourite release of the year. Six tracks is not enough for this album. I kept craving for more because it is so enjoyable.


망명 was produced by producer and guitarist Honggab through the label Electric Muse. Each track is perfect. Earip’s soulful voice flows throughout the album, which gives off a very “folk-y” vibe. Both the instumentals and Earip’s voice display so much clarity, everything comes together very well. I really commend everyone who participated in the production of this album because it has all that I love in an album.

I am not really a big fan of folk music. It takes me quite awhile to determine if it is something I like or not. 망명 really shows off the work that was put into the album. It took about a year to produce and with only six tracks, it may seem like nothing but I can most certainly say this is an album which I will turn to on any day.

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