The second album by singer-songwriter Kwon Tree, 사랑은 높은 곳에서 흐르지 is another simple yet fantastic folk album.

kwon tree 사랑은 높은 곳에서 흐르지

Although similar in sound to his previous release (그림, which is actually one of my all-time favorite albums), I would definitely not label 사랑은 높은 곳에서 흐르지 as “safe” or “boring.” Listening to this album reminded me of a line from the film Inside Llewyn Davis: “If it was never new, and it never gets old, then it’s a folk song.” 사랑은 높은 곳에서 흐르지 might not blow your mind with never-been-heard-before musical techniques, but what it has a lot of is heart.

One of the first words I think of when listening to Kwon Tree’s music is “genuine.” In addition to the simplicity of the instrumentals, Kwon Tree lyrics are pure and down-to-earth while still remaining eloquent. Kwon Tree’s tendency to sing straightforward lyrics about people, and life in a soft and calm tone only creates a unique power to his music, such as that seen in this album’s “너를 찾아서.”

No matter the topic of the song, Kwon Tree is able to hit just the right emotional notes, knowing when to be soft and when to be strong. And the best thing about it all? It’s all done in such a genuine, non-calculated way. My favorites from this album are “솔직한 사람,” “화분,” and the title track, “사랑은 높은 곳에서 흐르지,” but I recommend all tracks, especially to those who love folk music.

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