I’ve been listening to The Electric Eels since their early EPs. I always enjoyed their indie pop rock style with its clean and melodic instrumentals. The band’s return in 2016 with Fluke is welcome since their last EP was in 2014 on 너의 의미. Fluke is basically more of the same from this band, which isn’t a negative in any way. There aren’t a lot of bands who capture the same energy or tone as The Electric Eels.

the electric eels fluke

Among the twelve songs, there isn’t much not to like. The four piece compose and arrange songs that pride itself on melody and an up beat sound. The Electric Eels don’t stick to one tempo and are as willing to slow things down like on “행운을 빌어.” It’s a slower indie pop track that has a touch of melancholy, but the guitars add an additional voice to accompany the vocals. The difficult thing is to know if the band is holding back on the album. Some songs sound a little too stable, meaning some of the energy feels tired. These songs are a bit too even with nothing really sticking out. It doesn’t happen a lot, but it does make those tracks fall a little flat.

If there’s one thing I want, it’s a live album from the band. I’ve never seen them live, but watching videos online has shown a lot more expression in these songs. Overall Fluke sounds a little too “perfect.” The songs are good, but it’s missing a feeling of fun while recording. That may be just how comfortable the band is now that they’ve been together so long. I think that Fluke is a great addition to The Electric Eels’ discography, but not one of their strongest.

With two years between the EP and a single released in 2015, maturity in music may be taking over for The Electric Eels. They’re definitely talented and know how to make good music, but some of the fun of their earlier releases feels pulled back.

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