OOHYO is one of my favorite discoveries from Bandcamp. Her mix of electronic and indie pop always results in amazing songs. Her last full length Adventure definitely showed her progression as a musician. Her return with “Youth” takes the essence of Adventure and pushes another step of maturity as an artist.

oohyo youth

“Youth” is one song with two versions. The Day version of the song was arranged by Gareth Young and the Night version was arranged by Jeon Ji-Han and Locomotive of Peterpan Complex. The result is that “Youth (Day)” sounds more like an indie pop track with a more standard band accompaniment and comes across as a extension of Adventure. “Youth (Night)” is take the instrumental track and adds an electronic foundation throughout. This makes the Night version actually have a little more melancholy tone. While I feel like OOHYO’s voice fits either genre, the electronic version of the track is the one I favor more.

Adventure released in October 2015 and “Youth” released in July 2016. The time between shows that OOHYO is really showing that she’s an outstanding songwriter and can create enjoyable and addictive songs. I do wish that she was able to release a new EP because the single hints at new music that is incredible. Also with “Youth,” it will really get people to decide which particular style fits with their preference.

Even though OOHYO is quiet between releases unless you monitor her Facebook, each new track only increases my enjoyment of her music. She’s definitely one of the best entries in Korean independent music and a very easy way for people to show off all the potential that the country contains.

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