It’s been an interesting transition for MYK to his SALTNPAPER persona. As MYK, he collaborated and guested on tracks for Epik High and Shirosky, but started to transition towards SALTNPAPER in 2013. His MYK work was excellent and I wish there was more released. His hip-hop abilities stood parallel to everyone he worked with. Then with the switch, starting with the 2013 mini album, it turns out that SALTNPAPER might be the more natural persona.

saltnpaper spin

Spin is SALTNPAPER’s latest release, coming after Awe Fin from October 2015. Awe Fin was a band experience and while Spin continues to use guitar, bass, and drums; it contains a varied presentation. Not all the songs rely on a prominent backing band like on “Paradise,” which focuses on SALTNPAPER’s guitar and vocals even with a bass and drums accompaniment. What makes Spin different is that songs explore different genres. “Heavy Muse” is a step away from alternative rock. If there was more distortion added to the guitars, it could almost enter the grunge genre with a little rearrangement.

I think the strength of Spin is that SALTNPAPER is influenced by a lot of different artists. This help mold his music to be different. “Aftermath” is a great example of that. It’s not something you would hear from most Korean bands, with the wandering verses and jumping of genres within the track. If there’s an artist that follows a similar path it is Big Phony. Both artists are composing music that’s a little non-standard. But while Big Phony has been consistently presenting his musical perspective, MYK as SALTNPAPER has been doing it for a shorter time. But once you get through the eight songs, it’s very easy to hear that SALTNPAPER is where the strength really is.

I liked the work of MYK, but I do enjoy SALTNPAPER a lot more. He’s releasing music consistently, almost like he’s trying to catch up for lost time. Spin is a perfect place to start and the EP has the most polish among his other releases.

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