We Are the Night say they play music about the night. However, listening to the seven tracks in the album The Green Ray, I was feeling like having a nap on a drowsy summer day. For me, their major theme is dreamy, lazy, and comfortable atmospheres where people can afford to have full relaxation and I could immerse myself into that mood.


As the definition of their genre as electronic folk, the major backing instrumentals are electronic sounds. Conventional instruments like guitar or drums are difficult to hear in this album. Most of the tracks consist of simple and repetitive verses with no dramatic variations, which is never boring but rather made me more focus on the mood the music intends to deliver.

Lyrics are also not about giving complicated messages. Their stories, with easy and simple verses, fit in the comfortable arrangements. The track which appealed me most is “동일한 시선.” Among the seven tracks, this one has the simplest composition with no lyrics but only repetitive melodies, which very slightly change between verses. Despite the plain flow, I never felt bored listening to this song. The music welters with alternations of beat, sound, and the volume of the basic melody. The gradual change drew me in deeper.

When I listen to this album, I get drowsy. And soon, I feel like I am already having a sweet nap in the warm daylight with a soft breeze. It is not important whether it is about night or daytime. This album gives a happy, comfortable dream-like vacation everyone needs in their hectic life.

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