Considering the title, Nap is more than perfect because, almost every time I listened to it, I ended up falling into sleep. It could be because it was usually night time when I listened to CoreMagaZinE, but I don’t think that is the only reason. It is because the tracks are relaxing and comfortable which flow like a stream in the middle of an isolated forest where anyone can take a nap with the natural sounds.

The style is largely ballad, especially a very classic one which has emotional messages in the lyrics and the instrumentals. The instrumentals mostly consist of electric melodic sounds, but play quite humble and basic. They never show off themselves, but diligently support the whole structure and the vocalist’s singing. Despite the gentleness, the impact slowly permeated enough to fully immerse myself into the whole arrangement. One special point of the album is its alternations on the type of the vocal. They are various like male solo, coed duo, and no vocal only with instrumentals, so the six tracks feel different keeping the similar mood each other though.

The overall story in the music is about love so, at first, I couldn’t understand why the title is Nap. However, after repetitively listening to the album, I got the reason. Nap is precious because it cannot be long, so the moment is the perfect time to dream about love. Although the dream is not happy-ending, it’s OK because Nap itself is sweet enough.

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