While on one of my YouTube dives, I was watching a set of Hello Rookie performances. It was there that I saw In the endless zanhyang we are. I was confused though because the vocalist was Ahn Dayoung. Looking up the band on Facebook, it turned out that the band changed from being known as Ahn Dayoung to In the endless zanhyang we are. I like the new name, even though it’s one of the most difficult to remember. Along with the new name, the band also evolved the sound. It’s broader than the shoegaze on Waves, Smoke, River, adding in more ambient sounds and even some folk inspirations. Even with the additions, the essence of the band hasn’t changed.

In the endless zanhyang we are Inevitability under consecutive coincidence

Inevitability under consecutive coincidence marks a new beginning and the band definitely show that with “5:41.” Starting with an acoustic guitar and adding in Ahn Dayoung’s vocals within the first verse, the track carries a long folk style until the last third when the shoegaze themes enter. That is the trend for Inevitability under consecutive coincidence. It still lives within a shoegaze universe and layers other styles on top. Songs generally move slowly, feeling longer than the individual track times. The instrumental “Interlude” might be the closest to the band’s former EP and at almost eight minutes, it makes the most of that time.

A difference with this EP is that there’s a stronger presence of the instrumentals. Even when they are not following a standard melody, it’s easier to focus on them. Waves, Smoke, River had a bigger reliance on Ahn Dayoung’s vocals, but In the endless zanhyang we are use every member’s abilities on each song. The seven song EP is an evolution for sure. The change in name wasn’t simply something done on the surface but marks something new. In the endless zanhyang we are didn’t dismiss their roots either, just listen to “Home.”

These seven songs are amazing. Technically solid and highly addictive, In the endless zanhyang we are have taken their shoegaze style and merged it with other influences to crate an unique sound. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on. With Inevitability under consecutive coincidence being a second release and hearing the improvement, In the endless zanhyang we are’s full length should be mind blowing.

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