I didn’t realize that the last cts release from KIRARA was from 2015. She wasn’t quiet though with her moves series of releases. What I like about the ct releases are that they’re generally EP length and provide excellent high energy music. cts5 doesn’t stray far from the trend with five songs.

kirara cts5

KIRARA is a prolific electronic musician. She releases a staggering amount of music and provides a good variety within her specific sound. I still equate her cts releases to chiptune and video game music. It uses a lot of different low-bit elements to provide the melody while multiple samples lay the groundwork for the beat. Listening to any song on cts5 and you realize that there are a lot of different samples layered on top of one another. But when listening to a song like “ct15081,” the sample layering isn’t immediately obvious. It requires a couple of repeats to realize how much is happening on each beat.

“ct16031” is the longest track, but I think the best song for first time KIRARA listeners to start with. It contains pretty much all the signatures that can be associated with her unique sound. If you listen to any sample of Korean electronic music, you’ll realize that each one presents their own perspective on the genre and KIRARA is no different. That said, “ct16072” is my favorite song. The repeating prominent melody got stuck in my head and I kept playing the song on repeat. It definitely works its way into your head. Closing cts5 is “I love my dad, but he always make me sad.” It dismisses the fast tempo and presents a melancholy electronic song. Compared to other KIRARA songs, it’s like a 180. Usually her music is upbeat and bright, but “I love my dad, but he always make me sad.” is like the end of the party that is cts5.

I always enjoy listening to KIRARA’s music. It keeps my energy levels high and each release shows a growing mastery of her sound. She’s always improving and her releases prove that. Her music might not be for everyone, but give it a chance because you might find a verse or melody that calls out to you.

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