Remains is an electronic R&B band and the album She SHe is their second EP, which consists of five songs. All five tracks are about a man’s love story. He sings how much he desires his lover’s heart and how he wants to be with her. However, his loved one leaves him and he misses her with a song of broken heart.

remains she she

All the tracks on this EP are songs highlight the vocals while the backing instrumentals are quite ordinary electronic sounds. The instrumentals don’t have special alternations or instrumental solo and even the beats are plain and don’t change that much. Thanks to the sincere supporting instrumentals, the lyrics’ messages are more clearly delivered. Only the vocal melodies change according to the lyrics’ storytelling and the chorus’ harmony which make the vocal’s alternation rich.

The songs are easy listening and the lyrics’ stories are about issues we can find in our lives so we can easily sympathize. Despite the R&B songs, the music doesn’t seem to be sticking to the genre’s conventional characteristics, which led me to comfortably listening to the songs. They don’t have too much strong flavor, and mildly move and convince of their message. However, the tracks steadily got me immersed into them and ironically left strong impression which lasted a very long time.

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