GeniusSea of Stars is the singing of a man lounging around at a starry night. He is happily drunk and his voice is drowsy. Although the tracks meander around all different emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement, and melancholy; his voice is consistently sluggish and even somewhat detached. That dry attitude ironically intensifies the emotional flow in the music.

genius sea of stars

The chords and beats also have an austere tone. Most of the tracks do not have outstanding sound effects or complicated rhythms. However, the performances are like a firmly composed structure of coarse bricks. The simple melodies and moderate sound layers fully build up strong presence, which is well enough to tell the story the band wants to get across.

The simplest track, “It’s great,” is my favorite. It only has gentle guitar strumming and sleepy-dreamy vocal, feeling as if drunk muttering in the emotional mixture. Being angry, sad or about to burst into tears, his singing continues to whiff. Another favorite, the last track “Mamo” is like a grand ending of the drunken man’s night journey. This longest track of 11 minute instrumental is a magnificent explosion of the band’s musical skills with glamorous alternations. Very different from other nine tracks tone, which goes into the drunken man’s monologue, “Mamo” gives the scenery around in the starry night, especially the star-falling-down night sky.

The music of the album Sea of Stars is so free and embracing various genres like folk, hard rock, or punk. Also it is unpredictable, but very skillful and crafty. It kindly tells their stories with comfortable and friendly sound. Thanks to it, I can also dream of a starry night, happily lost in the splendid star sea.

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