Nametag is a violent storm with an untainted face of a young boy. Right after the ease at the pure face, their rock-n-roll smash blows up. However, their music is not a brutal devastation. It is cute pranksters’ giggling and mint-flavored refreshing blast.

nametag ah yeah

Ah Yeah‘s ten tracks are consistently energetic and witty. “BaniBani” or “Let’s smoke” fills up a track with a word or a variation of a sentence. The plain lyrics are colored by the acting-like vocals and the support of the rich hard rock instrumentals. However, they never pattern a track into certain mood. Powerful-driving chords are coexisting with easy-cheerful plays. They are naturally combined like our everyday multilayered emotions. Some other songs have quite grotesque lyrics like dark fairy tales. “Poison Apple” drinks up the lover’s blood and the woman in “Burning House” kills her partners and burns their bodies. However, these creepy stories are on the bright and vivid musical layers, especially with the ingenuous vocal. This eccentric mix results in unique color only to the band, with their raw and unprocessed spirit.

Nametag’s music is feisty and unframed full of young energy. However, their songs are so real. Yes. We are not beautiful, like being cursed, and the gorgeous woman in the next door is a serial killer. The lover, who once was our salvation, breaks our legs. Very sad, but it is life. Nevertheless, Nametag doesn’t whine. Like their title Ah Yeah, they rather rush on the world with exciting sneers. It converts tragedy into fairy tales, and finds force to start another day of life.

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