As a member of both Bye Bay Badman and Seoulmoon, Lulileela has plenty experience performing. What I didn’t know was that she was recording her own EP. Rise From The Ashes pulls from a lot of different places. On one hand, it reminds me of Bye Bye Badman and Seoulmoon, but the majority of the album carries its own unique sound all from Lulileela.

Lulileela rise from the ashes

“Light From The Ashes” sounds like it could be a Bye Bye Badman b-side in the introduction. Then in the verse, it sounds like Seoulmoon. This makes me wonder how much composing Lulileela does for both bands. The track has a great summer tone and comes across laid back as well as expertly crafted to bring a certain emotion forward. It’s complex, but simple and can easily get addictive. “Seaside” is the perfect title for the next song. It feels like your sitting in a chair at dusk watching the waves come in and out. That feeling comes across a lot in the song with a specific groove. The added string line is a nice touch to lift up the song and add a little variety, but the majority of the song is pushed through Lulileela’s vocals and the melody that comes across multiple instruments.

Track three is “Cactus Flower.” It’s a little bit of a combination of both “Light From The Ashes” and “Seaside.” Lulileela definitely likes layers in her music. Aside from the main melody either performed by a piano or guitar, she adds very strong rhythms that comes from the bass and drums. Even the little samples add so much to every song. I didn’t think it with the EP title, but Rise From The Ashes sounds stronger than the music included in the EP, but I think the meaning behind the release is that Lulileela is able to present her own sound and style without the collaborative necessity of a band.

I don’t consider Lulileela to be a novice what so ever, she has years of experience in music. But Rise From The Ashes as her own unique perspective shows that a talented artist was waiting to release her own music. I hope that she can release more music sooner rather than later because her music could interest many different people.

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